Welcome Parents!

 HASA serves to strengthen the link between the home and the school and promotes social and athletic activities for the students and parents in the school environment. HASA sponsors and staffs a variety of enrichment activities and organizes volunteer programs within the school. A listing of HASA sponsored programs is given at the beginning of the school year. Each child benefits from the activities run by HASA! Parents are automatic members of HASA and participate as time and talent permit. Volunteering is a great opportunity to get to know other parents and families. Families can offer varying amounts of time – any and all time that can be provided is much appreciated.  Click here to read the WELCOME letter for 2020-2021!

2020-2021 Executive Board

Below are the members of this year’s executive board. Please reach out with any questions.

Beth Lindberg, President

Mary Hofmann, Treasurer

Nancy Harrison, Secretary

Maureen Cronin, Volunteer Coordinator – Elementary School

Jenifer Nee, Volunteer Coordinator – Middle School

Volunteer Opportunities

All HASA events are volunteer-run. We are always looking for new volunteers. Responsibilities range from chairing an event to volunteering during the event itself. We encourage events to be co-chaired as well- – sharing the work with another parent helps! The HASA executive team welcomes your involvement in whatever manner you can provide. No matter the size of your commitment we will always welcome your help.

HASA Sponsored Activities 2020-2021 (hopeful)

As we start this year under the cloud of Covid-19, unfortunately, we will not be able to have many of our wonderful gatherings/events that help make SCS such an asset to our families. Sadly, all of our events for the Fall and early Winter have been canceled. We hope to do what we can and will plan on things hopefully after the first of the year, depending on the guidance of the school Covid-19 policy. We hope and plan to have our full fantastic set of activities Next School Year. Until then, please know we will miss our events with our wonderful families! 

**NOTE: these events listed below are subject to change/cancellation depending on Covid-19, and input from the school board and the Covid-19 Response Committee. 

Ski Club

Family Breakfast

Middle School Bowling Night

Bowling Club

Father-Daughter Dance

Mother-Son Event

Road Race

HASA Teacher’s Cup

Teacher Mini-Grants

Multiple Enrichment Programs to be scheduled throughout the year

Volunteer Hours

Event coordinators receive 20 volunteer hours. Event volunteers receive 3 hours.

Enrichment Program

Each school year, HASA schedules 10-12 enrichment programs. Parent volunteers donate their time to ensure these events run smoothly. The goal of the Enrichment Program is to enhance our students’ educational experience. The Enrichment Program augments the school’s curriculum and further encourages students’ interest in the arts, sciences, and humanities. **Due to Covid-19: we are restricting our Enrichment Programs due to safety requirements (no visitors, sanitizing, social distancing, etc), but we will be working closely with the teachers to help round out some special classroom projects/ideas!**

Our enrichment programs are funded by the Scrip Gift Card program. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Harrison (Scrip Gift Cards) at  [email protected].

Learn more about the Scrip Gift Card program through the documents below and the video here.