SCS Covid-19 Policy Updated 12/31/2021

Please know that we will continue to work, in partnership with you, to implement the following mitigation strategies at SCS in collaboration with the Norwood Department of Health. In response to the dynamic situation presented by the transmissibility of the Covid-19 Omicron Variant, SCS will continue to implement mitigation measures that we previously implemented this fall. For example:

  • SCS families and staff are encouraged to stay home & test if they have symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Masking inside for students in Kindergarten to Grade 8
  • Repeated hand washing & sanitizing
  • Daily cleaning of classrooms each evening but fogging of classrooms if a student leaves during the school day with Covid-19 symptoms

We have absolutely been in contact with our colleagues at the Norwood Department of Health this week and have updated our Covid-19 Policy in response. Please find the Updated Policy below and attached.  Please also note that Norwood Department of Health has guided us to update our Covid Isolation and Close Contact policies within our Policy in accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Health and the CDC.

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