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Dear Friend of Saint Catherine of Siena School,

All of our students at Saint Catherine of Siena School have been studying Saints this year in our innovative STREAM (Science/Technology/Religion/Engineering/Arts/Mathematics) program. The Sixth Graders recently made masks to represent their favorite saint. Ivan chose to make Saint Vincent de Paul. Ivan chose Saint Vincent because ‘he was one of the most popular saints and he is really inspiring because he helped people. He helped the poor.’ 

After months of silence, our school is bursting with faith filled thoughtful voices like Ivan’s - engaged in joyful learning across all domains. Those sounds of joy reaffirm for me our essential mission: to celebrate and call forth the God-given greatness and unique potential of EVERY child.  This is why I came to Saint Catherine of Siena School.  To be part of a community where student-centered learning and spiritual formation is infused into the culture of the school. When I look into the faces of our students, I see their excitement for learning.  I hear it in the stories from parents, and grandparents, describing how much their children love coming to school, and how they’re growing as students who love learning and love God.

But sustaining this culture and the programs, resources, and services it requires, comes with a cost. The tuition paid by our families covers only a percentage of that cost. That’s why we need your help, through your support of our annual fund, the Fund for Saint Catherine.

This year, we have faced many unexpected financial challenges that have deepened our need for help. The costs associated with the COVID crisis, especially for extensive cleaning and sanitizing equipment and services, was not part of our original annual budget. Nor were the additional teacher aides we have hired, and are thrilled to have, to support our required smaller class sizes. The pandemic has also halted our beloved parish BINGO program, which provided the second largest source of non-tuition revenue to our school.

This is why your help to reach our goal of $90,000 is so needed. Generous parents, grandparents and friends like you enable us to do the things we must continue to do – in strengthening our curriculum, providing high level learning resources, building our co- and extra-curricular programs, and yes, keeping our school clean and safe.  It’s because of you that we can fulfill our promise: to shape our students into compassionate, confident, and courageous young adults, prepared to use their gifts as Christian servant leaders in the world. They are the reason for the joy we feel each day, a joy you can contribute to with your gift to our Fund for Saint Catherine this year.

Yours in Christ,

Beth Tanner

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