God calls us all to an intimate union with Him. It is through this inner, spiritual life, enriched through prayer, reflection, and quiet solitude, that we are formed in the Word of God “in order to bear fruit in a new life.” (Catechism 2688)

Our Saint Catherine’s family comes together regularly in prayer, reflection, and quiet solitude, to deepen our love and desire for God and to be disposed to His divine will in our lives. At the start of each day, our school community gathers to praise and thank God and ask for His blessing.  Prayers are offered in classes and students regularly gather for prayer in St. Catherine’s Church, as well as for Adoration each week.

Liturgies are celebrated weekly for individual grades, in addition to a monthly School Mass and Holy Day Masses. An annual Thanksgiving Day Mass is held with a school- and parish-wide food collection for a local food pantry.

Saint Catherine of Siena Parish


Our school is blessed to be part of the wonderful and vital parish of Saint Catherine of Siena, and its magnificent Church and Adoration Chapel.  The parish is celebrating 125 years as a vibrant parish community, and is known for its impressive array of religious, social, cultural, and athletic activities. As it always has, our school holds a special place in the heart and mission of the parish, and our students benefit from the parishes active support for our school.