Giving back to the community is a significant part of a Saint Catherine of Siena education.  Service is an essential expression of our faith and love of God, and we try to live up to our motto, “See Christ in Others. Be Christ for Others” every day. When students learn to serve, they become living examples of Christ’s work on earth, and they grow in their understanding of the basic dignity of every human being. That’s why volunteer service begins as early as 6th grade, and continues frequently throughout each year.

Gathering food for the Norwood Ecumenical Food Pantry as part of the Jane and Kevin Quinlan Memorial Food Drive at Thanksgiving … delivering baked goods to first responders on September 11th… hosting veterans for breakfast… collecting socks for the homeless… all teach our students that caring for and appreciating others is an essential part of Catholic social teaching.

As future leaders and role models within the community, students are also encouraged to take the lead when they recognize a need.  We’re proud to note that student-initiated projects have included collecting donations for cancer research, for Haiti, for those impacted by devastating storms, for servicemen and women stationed overseas, and many more.