Lower School

In our lower school, we focus on helping young children to develop an awareness of God and to encounter the love and presence of Jesus Christ in their lives and through our Catholic Church.

We use the highly regarded Spirit of Truth textbook series, published by Sophia Institute. Unique to this series is its interactive approach to engaging students with the Catholic Faith. More than just instructing them in the fundamental tenants and practices of the Faith, Spirit of Truth is designed to helping them internalize the Faith and apply it to their own lives. It covers the breadth of the Catechism in an age-appropriate way and is designed to connect with students of diverse backgrounds and differing familiarity with the Catholic Faith.

Most of all, Spirit of Truth helps our students integrate what they learn into their daily lives so they can become the saints God is calling them to be.

Middle School

Using a combination of the Sadlier and Loyola Press religion series, our middle school students are challenged to engage the Faith by deepening their knowledge of Sacred Scriptures and their understanding of their moral and social responsibilities as members of the Catholic Church. Students begin to discern who Christ is calling them to be, as His disciples in the world. They wrestle with moral issues that lead them to a deeper understanding of God’s Truth and Freedom, as they learn what it means to live with, through, and in Christ.