Saint Catherine of Siena provides students with a rich liturgical life in the Catholic tradition, emphasizing the joy of God’s love.

Each morning, the school day at SCS begins with a whole school assembly, which includes student-led prayer. Daily religion classes, monthly Mass and regular service projects performed in the name of Jesus are an integral part of our students’ religious education. For example, the school community collaborates each month to contribute to such organizations as the Norwood Food Pantry and “My Brother’s Keeper”. In this way, students learn by example, joining in the collective spirit of peers and family members who work on behalf of others. They are reminded every day to “See Christ in Others. Be Christ for Others.”

Preparation for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion form the basis of religious education through grade 2. As students progress through the years, they are offered days of prayer and retreat and are expected to fulfill service hours commensurate with their grade level. Above all, students, families, faculty and staff are expected to live faithfully and to model to each other the virtues of faith, hope, and charity.