At SCS, we hold a holistic view of education. Besides emphasizing rigorous academic standards, we are committed to the formation of the whole child through a program that combines problem-based learning with sports, arts and religious studies. Our teachers ensure that all students leave their classrooms rich in confidence as well as competence. This holistic education helps your child take charge of his or her own learning, to search out reliable sources of information, and to think critically in order to find solutions to problems. These are the skills your child needs to reach his full potential, to thrive in high school and beyond, and to anticipate a life of learning exploration.

Everything we do at SCS, including academics, is centered on the four learning pillars that represent our philosophy for celebrating each students God-given talent:

Intellectual – Our teachers challenge your child with learning that is project or problem-based, encouraging students to learn by doing. We emphasize a personalized, student-centered philosophy that transforms students by actively engaging them in the learning process. Learning thus becomes more relevant and self-directed, and students become eager, life-long learners.


Academics - Faith
Spiritual – Encouraging faith formation and recognizing the joy of God’s love infuse everything we do at SCS. From showing our youngest students how to talk to God through prayer, through study of the Old and New Testaments, to service projects within the community, we cultivate a love of Christ and a relationship with him through liturgy, prayer, community, service, and knowledge of Catholic faith. In everything they do, children are reminded to “See Christ in others. Be Christ for Others.” 


Academics - Human
Human – We set high standards for our students, and not just in academics. When students grow in character and wisdom, they develop into adults ready to serve and to lead as responsible members of community. We encourage them to build relationships based on trust and love, to fine-tune their sense of social justice, and to become moral leaders both within the school community… and beyond.


Academics - Stewardship
Stewardship – Students are taught to be good stewards of the gifts that God has given them, and to use their education and talents to become faith-filled servant leaders.




These four pillars support the formative learning core of SCS.  When students are invested in their own learning, the classroom is infused with excitement, innovation and the joy of self-discovery. We believe in learning that changes the student, empowering them with the tools and perspective that will serve as a compass for how they live the rest of their lives.. 

Our curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts State Frameworks, with academic and life skills appropriate for each student’s particular stage of learning.  Small, personalized classes, close relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students, a deeply loving community and Christ-centered culture, a focus on the development of the whole child, high academic standards…these are the hallmarks of a Saint Catherine of Siena education. They strengthen everything we do here, and are pivotal in giving SCS its well-deserved reputation for excellence.