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Middle School students, it’s time to sharpen your keyboarding skills!

Now that you are using Chromebooks with full keyboards, it’s time to review your touch typing. Remember Grade 4 in the Computer Lab?

During the school year we work on touch typing (also called keyboarding) in Grades 4 because I think it is so very important to your academic career and a skill you will have all your life. I encourage students of all ages to practice keyboarding. There are many benefits to typing using the touch typing method. Touch typing or keyboarding:

  • Increases your typing speed
  • Saves time
  • Increases productivity
  • Allows ideas to flow more freely when you don’t have to hunt for the letters on the keyboard
  • Increases accuracy, workflow, and concentration.

Even though touch screen technology and on-screen keyboards are becoming more common, you still need to know how to type using a standard keyboard. You will not be typing term papers in high school on your phone! Please keep practicing touch-typing during the summer using

National Spanish Exam April 2017

Grade 8 Students taking the 2017 National Spanish Exam on Chromebooks in the Computer Lab.

Congratulations students!

National Spanish Exam boys 2016                                       National Spanish Exam girls 2016

Digital Citizenship Resources

  • We address Digital Citizenship in all computer classes
  • Please be aware of your child’s Digital Life and talk with them about being a good citizen while on-line.
  • For tips and information please refer to the following website and click on the Parent tab:



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