Welcome to Computer Lab

Have a great summer. Relax, read, stay safe doing fun activities, practice your math skills and your keyboarding skills!

During the school year we worked on touch typing (also called keyboarding) in Grades 4 because I think it is so very important to your academic career and a skill you will have all your life. I encourage students of all ages to practice keyboarding. There are many benefits to typing using the touch typing method. Touch typing or keyboarding:

  • Increases your typing speed
  • Saves time
  • Increases productivity
  • Allows ideas to flow more freely when you don’t have to hunt for the letters on the keyboard
  • Increases accuracy, workflow, and concentration.

Even though touch screen technology and on-screen keyboards are becoming more common, you still need to know how to type using a standard keyboard. You will not be typing term papers in high school on your phone! Please keep practicing touch-typing during the summer using

National Spanish Exam March 30, 2016

Grade 8 Students taking the 2016 National Spanish Exam on Chromebooks in the Computer Lab.

Congratulations students!

National Spanish Exam boys 2016                                       National Spanish Exam girls 2016

Digital Citizenship Week, October 18 – 24, 2015

  • We addressed Digital Citizenship in all computer classes during Digital Citizenship Week
  • Please be aware of your child’s Digital Life and talk with them about being a good citizen while on-line.
  • For tips and information please refer to the following website:



Computer Lab Update


There was a major change in the Computer Lab this school year. We started using Chromebooks and I know we all enjoyed using this state of the art technology! NWEA MAP Testing was done in the computer lab for Kindergarten through Grade 5 using the new Chromebooks and the MAP Testing App.  The students have easily adapted to using Chromebooks for a very successful and agreeable experience.


iPad Forms: