Music Studies

All Pre-School through Grade 8 students receive a minimum of one period of music instruction weekly.  Students are actively immersed in music through singing, participating in the liturgy, playing instruments, moving to music, reading and writing musical notation, listening, evaluating, and creating music and drama.

The Music Studies curriculum fulfills both the Massachusetts Music Education Standards and St. Catherine of Siena School’s “Benchmarks of Learning”.

For more information on the Youth Choral Program, please see Student Life on the main page > “YCP”

 The Preschool students delight in singing sacred and secular songs, dancing, and exploring instruments.  They learn their alphabet and numbers through songs and games, all while identifying patterns within the music.  We listen to musical stories and take turns expressing our feelings about specific characters and plot lines.  Students develop their grip while showing respect for fragile instruments.  Classroom activities include understanding the living and non-living properties of instruments, followed by improvising and making our own music!  We always end class with music and dance!

The Kindergarten class is ALL about singing!  While we learn our prayers, we also learn a musical “Grace.”  At just 5 years old, students start to identify and notate their own written music.  They discover and extend musical patterns and communicate their observations.  Students become more aware of sounds and make predictions of high and low pitch, then take turns matching those pitches and singing together.  They play instruments, recognizing and learning to keep the beat!  The year ends with a special Kindergarten Concert for our families where students show off their knowledge and talent by performing patriotic, sacred, and even some humorous songs learned throughout the year!

Grades One and Two are working hard on their note values, rhythms and musical pitches using the music staff!  This is the time where they enjoy learning new Mass songs!  Students also begin to understand and appreciate the different major works through musical storytelling.

Grade Three is focusing all of their previous learning and experience into the recorder.  Students take all the basic written music theory and make it tangible through the playing of this fantastic wind instrument!

Grade Four concentrates on more advanced music theory – learning bass clef, the grand staff, ledger line notes, major scales, and intervals.  The year culminates with a special curriculum with students learning the instruments of the orchestra.  A little aural instrument bingo goes a long way!

Grade Five continues to work on advanced theory.  Students have great fun putting their advanced theory knowledge to good use with an awesome Jazz and Blues unit.  We conclude the year with an introduction to basic Music History and famous composers.

The Middle School Music Studies program is specifically designed to prepare SCS students for any Advanced Placement music theory they choose to take as they plan for the next step in their education. They broaden their appreciation for all genres through the study of units to include the history of Rock ‘n Roll, World Music, and STOMP, in addition to being introduced to conducting.

Saint Catherine of Siena School’s strong faith-based community is second to none!  Our classes all know that singing our sacred songs is praying twice!  Even the youngest students rise to the occasion at the energetic and spirited monthly School Masses.

Please join us for our monthly School Masses and our Christmas Concert in December and our Spring Concert in May for a true testament to all that Saint Catherine of Siena School, Youth Choir and our Music Studies program have to offer your family!