SCS follows the same Inclement Weather Closings Policy as Norwood Public Schools. If Norwood Public Schools have no school, SCS will have No School. Additionally, if Norwood Public Schools have a delayed opening or early dismissal, SCS will have a delayed opening or early dismissal. However, if Norwood Public Schools has school on an inclement weather day, SCS reserves the right to cancel school. Please know that this decision would be done with the utmost appreciation for the impact of ‘inclement weather school closing’ on working families.

SCS will announce school closings on TV Channels CBS 4,   WCVB Channel 5,  Fox 25. Parents will also be notified via email. Again, if SCS dismisses early during the school day due to inclement weather or an emergency, parents will be notified via email and an announcement will be posted on the TV Channels listed above. SCS Students will be released from the school office on Inclement Weather/School Emergency days at any time if parents/guardians come to the school and request that their student be dismissed. Please note that if there is no school because of Inclement Weather/School Emergency, there will be no extracurricular activities such as basketball, play practice, etc. There are no exceptions.