Saint Catherine of Siena School offers an Extended Day program for grades Preschool through Grade 8.


Our Goal
Saint Catherine of Siena School offers an on-site Extended Day program which runs from 2:20 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. most days that school is in session.  Our goal is to provide an after-school environment that is safe, warm and based on our Christian values.

Teresa Petrucci is the Director of our Extended Day program.  She is uniquely aware of the developmental needs of our children.

Daily Schedule
Attendance after school is taken and children can change into play clothes so they may do art projects, crafts or outside play.  This is followed by snack.  The children then start their homework and, if finished, may engage in free play, gym or computers.

Early Release/Unscheduled Days
If a child is regularly scheduled to attend Extended Day on an early release day, there is no added charge.  There is a charge of $40 for any unscheduled early release day. In case of family emergencies, children already enrolled in the Extended Day Program may add an unscheduled day.  The charge for unscheduled days is $25.  Extended  Day is NOT available on the following days: school vacations, no-school days, the day before Thanksgiving, Parent/Teacher Conference day, the day before Christmas vacation and the last day of the school year.