Dear SCS Families,

We are extremely grateful for your feedback from the COVID-19 School Reopening Survey.

Please know that we continue to work to incorporate your input as we work together to navigate this unusual time and look forward to reopening school in September. Please find the first draft of our SCS Return to School Plan below. A huge thank you to Nurse Maiona and her committee members listed here for their time, wisdom and partnership as we work to incorporate all of the health and safety guidance from Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). We are so thankful to:

  • Rodie Glushchenko, Critical Care Nurse Director, MGH
  • Christine DiCesare, SCS Grade 5 Teacher
  • John Farrell, SCS Director of Facilities
  • Melissa Healy, MBA Business Owner
  • Rajita Mehrotra, Psychotherapist
  • Sister Jeanne Morris, SCS Middle School Teacher
  • Teresa Petrucci, Middle School Learning Center; Extended Day Program Director

SCS Return to School Plan DOC July 30, 2020 REV6.0



SCS Sample Classrooms for 2020-21

With 6 feet of distance between each student desk in accordance with DESE Guidelines.