Family Volunteer Policy for SCS Bingo

Below is the link to the Family Volunteer Bingo Schedule for the 2015/16 school year.  Bingo at St. Catherine of Siena School plays an integral role in subsidizing tuition for the children.  The more profitable Bingo is each week, the likely it will be that tuition increases remain more affordable.

In order to continue to make Bingo profitable for our school, we would like to take this opportunity toremind families of their volunteer obligations to Bingo, and to articulate the new policy to hold families accountable for the 12 Bingo volunteer hours that they must complete *each* school year.

There are many different ways to satisfy your Bingo volunteer requirement: You can sign up for one of the available committed Bingo positions such as caller or charity ticket sales person; You can complete all your Bingo hours in the summer time when your receive credit for each person you bring with you to volunteer; or you can “opt out” of Bingo and just agree to pay the $500 volunteer fee.

Every family that has not signed up for a committed Bingo position, completed their Bingo volunteer hours over the summer or has not indicated that they want to “opt out of” Bingo (and just pay their $500 volunteer fee), has been scheduled for 3 four hour shifts at Bingo over the course of the school year.  The link to the Family Volunteer Bingo Schedule is below.

Please be advised that if you fail to appear for your scheduled Bingo night, and you have not switched with another family and/or failed to inform the Bingo captains that you are not coming, you will automatically be rescheduled for another night.  If you fail to appear on the rescheduled night without contacting the Bingo captains ahead of time, you are at risk for immediately *forfeiting your volunteer fee*. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Starting September 7, 2014, the Family Volunteer Bingo Schedule will be in place and only those families who come on their scheduled night will receive credit for their volunteer hours.

You can contact the Bingo captains any time at scsbingo@gmail.comwith Bingo questions, to learn more about the committed positions, or to notify them of a schedule change.