Saint Catherine of Siena School works hard to keep Catholic education affordable. Our dedicated faculty and staff provide a warm and welcoming environment fostering a quality educational experience unmatched by its competition. Their commitment, along with our tireless parent volunteers, keep our prices lower than other neighboring private schools.  Tuition rates are approved by the Pastor after consultation with the School Advisory Board and the Parish Finance Council in February for the following school year. Once the final rates are determined, parents/guardians must choose a payment option.



A $150 non-refundable deposit/child is required along with a $100 non-refundable application fee. All Saint Catherine School families also have a $500 volunteer obligation. Information regarding this responsibility will be included with your acceptance materials.


Full Day Pre-School Program

(with flexible drop-off time)                 3-Day Option (MWF)            $6,150

5-Day Option (M-F)              $8,750



Full Day Pre-Kindergarten Program                                

(with flexible drop-off time)                 4-Day Option (M-Thurs)       $6,900

5-Day Option (M-F)               $8,400



Kindergarten through Grade 8                              

                                                              $6,900 is the annual per student rate

  * Please note that all new families to SCS will pay the “per student rate” above for each child


FACTS Automatic Deduction Payment Plan

FACTs is the payment program for making tuition payments and every family is required to be on a FACTs payment plan before the start of school. There are four payment plans available for your convenience which are automatically deducted on a payment schedule between July 1st and April of the following year. Full payment, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payment plans are available and end in April. Full payment must be made online or by check (made out payable to “SCS”) prior to July 1st.

Credit cards are now accepted.

FACTs link =


Tuition Assistance is awarded to all families who apply and are qualified to receive assistance. It is now available for ALL grade levels. We try to help as many families as possible. All applications MUST BE FILED ONLINE and COMPLETE by April 1st at Awards will be announced by May. Please contact the Admissions/Tuition Office if you have any questions about this program.

Volunteering is mandatory for each family, with 32 fundraising hours needed annually. Each new family is required to pay a $500 fee (or built into their FACTs payments) prior to entering the school. Twelve hours are mandatory in the parish’s Sunday Bingo Program; and 20 hours in another fundraising capacity can be done by contacting the Advancement Office. The total 32 hours are necessary each year by June 30th so that the $500 fee rolls over and is not re-billed. Please see our volunteer policy requirements, which are included with your acceptance letter packet.