Chloe is a recent graduate of SCS, now attending Ursuline Academy in Dedham.  Listen to her experiences at SCS and how they shaped her personal life and education while she attended Saint Catherine School.  Chloe Byrne talks about SCS 

My son started in the 3 year old program at St. Catherine’s in September and we are so happy. He loves school so much sometimes we don’t get a “goodbye” in the morning. Great community, teachers, kids. Definitely schedule a tour and feel free to ask others about their experience.

Both my children are students at St. Catherine of Siena School and they love it. We have been there since my son was 4 and entering Pre-Kindergarten. ..we love the teachers and families. Best decision we have made (so far) for our children…The 3 year old program is fairly new and has been a huge success! SCS also offers extended day which is nice for working parents.

We have done both St. Catherine’s and …. We loved both but St. Catherine’s felt more structured and curriculum-based. The Pre-K teachers at SCS are outstanding!.

We love St. Catherine’s. It’s definitely a “big kid school” and very structured which we like.

Both my daughters went to SCS. They both had great experiences and I did too. The curriculum is outstanding, there are specials each week (art, music, gym & Spanish & technology). The hours are fabulous and they offer extended day for working parents, which is a lot cheaper than daycare. And the optional full days for the Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten program are great too. I loved it.

My daughter has been at SCS since Pre-Kindergarten. It was a great learning experience. The teachers are wonderful…There was good interaction between the little ones and the older kids. It’s very welcoming. You don’t have to be Catholic to attend.

My son is missing his Pre-K class so very much. Can’t believe how fast the year passed. Thank you for teaching my child about the values and importance of social and self growth. During his school year he learned many new things which he is implementing in his day to day life. We are very thankful to the teachers and staff who made our son feel comfortable in the school. We have good memories with the school professionals in terms of education and values. We will most likely come back in the higher grades.

Being raised in a Catholic school is essential to our children because it instills in them life-long morals. We believe that religion is intertwined with education. It is bringing our faith into action every day. It is praying together. Religion for us is not just a topic; it is an existence and we are blessed to have the opportunity of making this possible by sending our children to SCS.

For our family, SCS is a commitment to help our children experience and live life with both empathy and intelligence. We are thrilled by the educational challenges and love our childrens’ experience each day within the school. But the real value is seeing our children start to apply their St. Catherine lessons and outlook outside of school – even if they are still only in Pre-K and 1st grade!

We see Josh doing very well in every way at St. Catherine School. The care that he and all of the students receive from all of the teachers and staff and fellow families is spiritual and loving as well as academic. He often remarks and references at home and in the community about how best to behave like Jesus would, and about how he is taught in his school to love and forgive everyone. We want only to continue to support and nourish these atributes as we appreciate how much these precious years of attending this school will influence his continued Catholic education, and his whole life, in such a positive and spiritual way.

There is such a great sense of comfort dropping him off in the morning. He runs up the stairs to enter the building. When we pick him up…seeing his face light up with a huge smile brings us complete joy.

I love the fact that teachers, parents and staff know, recognize and love the children who move through the school. Teachers are better able to support students and their families because we know them so well. The collegiality among the students can never be overlooked. 

The relationship built here – particularly those who stay through eighth grade – are really special and strong. Having recently attended a wedding of a graduate of SCS, I was not surprised to see that many of the guests were from his graduating clas. The bond really does withstand the test of time.

I was truly prepared for the hard courses and homework because of what I experienced in SCS. It was an easier transition for me than it was for some of my fellow classmates.