Saint Catherine of Siena School Brochures

THE MISSION of Saint Catherine of Siena School is to provide an excellent Catholic faith-based education for children in Preschool to Grade 8 in a safe and trusting environment, with an emphasis on mutual respect. The school exists in the context of a parish community, to assist families in guiding their children spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically, with a strong focus on Roman Catholic values.

We have a successful full-time 3 year-old and 4 year-old program at Saint Catherine of Siena School. Children must be age 3 by August 31st to attend our Pre-School Program and age 4 by August 31st to attend our Pre-Kindergarten Program.  We provide an enriching academic, social and cultural experience for all of our students who will have fun while learning. We see it as a strong beginning to their academic journey of success. In addition to an academic setting, we focus on other specials such as Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Art, Music & Gym.

Children must be age 5 by August 31st to be eligible for our full day Kindergarten program.  Many of our Pre-K students come into our Kindergarten program successfully and remain with us through 8th grade. Our Kindergarten Program provides a transition to our school whereby students become grounded academic students while maintaining their value system. Good children turn into good people through the kindness emulated by our caring teachers and reinforced by the values and traditions important to today’s families.