Our school holds open houses several times during the school year. At any time you can call for a private tour to hear about our wonderful programs and services. The school is open year round and does not close in the summer.  Please fill out the ONLINE INQUIRY FORM so someone can contact you.

Children must be the appropriate age by August 31st to be eligible for our programs. Children are admitted to our Pre-School program if aged 2.9 years by August 31st; age 4 by August 31st for the 4 year old program, age 5 by August 31st for Kindergarten, age 6 by August 31st for 1st grade, and so forth. 

We welcome families of many faiths and cultural backgrounds. We believe this makes St. Catherine School so special! Families decide to come to St. Catherine School because of the Catholic values and traditions as well as the rigorous academics and proven educational achievements. It is a foundation for life!

St. Catherine’s School enrolls students from 23 additional communities surrounding Norwood. Sometimes families choose to attend St. Catherine School because they work nearby and because the school is so close to the commuter rail to Boston. Sometimes a relative lives nearby to assist with drop-off or pick-up.

At St. Catherine’s School, we have the ability to accommodate new students because of our large and flexible school campus. Classes at each grade are dependent on the number of children enrolled, so additional classes are added if the number of students warrants it. We do have a limited number of seats in our Preschool and Kindergarten programs, so enrolling early by January 31st is advisable. However, we will take admissions at any time including after the school year has started (based on special circumstances), if we have the space.

Interested families should go online to submit a STUDENT APPLICATION with a $125 non-refundable fee and the following documentation (copies only): a birth certificate, baptismal certificate (if Catholic), health/immunization record – showing proof of vaccinations and copies of 3 previous year’s report cards and standardized testing (if in the upper grades). An additional $150 deposit (to be sent with the application materials) will secure spots in our Early Childhood Programs.

St. Catherine School conducts a screening during the admissions process to determine a child’s placement and overall success at the school. A $150 deposit is required for all Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten Students to secure a seat for next year. Upper grade students (Kindergarten-age and up) have the opportunity to shadow at the school in the early spring, or before school ends in June. Testing is usually done on that shadow day. Students currently in grade 5 get a chance to shadow with a 5th grader, spend time in the 6th grade to get a glimpse of our Middle School and to meet upper grade students working with Google Chromebooks -an integral part of our educational experience. Students and their parents will meet with the Principal prior to enrollment. A disciplinary record and teacher/administrative recommendation are also required. Acceptance and enrollment is dependent on all documentation received and a payment plan initiated by July 1st.

During the registration process you will be contacted regularly and can contact our school to send in any additional forms leading up to enrollment in September, or to ask questions. It will be important to sign up for the online payment plan since all payments for tuition begin July 1st and end by April. Families are billed in June for tuition and all fees for the next year. The tuition, HASA fee, & volunteer fee are either paid in full or you register for the automatic deduction system through FACTs. All families are required to start tuition payments before school starts.

We understand that family circumstances may change prior to September, so contact the Admissions Office to explain the situation and follow it up in writing. Please notify the Tuition Manager if you are concerned over any financial issues. Our website has complete details regarding our tuition policy and refunds.

New families are required to apply for admissions to St. Catherine School prior to consideration of financial aid. The deadline for our online tuition assistance process is usually by April 1st. We try to help as many families as possible. The Early Childhood tuition is set much lower than other private schools to encourage enrollment. We hope that your child will remain with us until he/she graduates from our 8th grade.

Once a family has been accepted to St. Catherine School and they have been referred to our school by another family and both families are still here in October, the school issues a $500 tuition credit to the family who made the referral. The verification occurs during the application process, so please make sure the family gets credit for the referral on the student application.

Weekly email blasts through Constant Contact are the main source of communication with the families of Saint Catherine School.  Class Dojo is another way parents can see what is going on in the classrooms.

Our teachers provide an amazing experience beyond the school day for students needing to be picked up later than our 2:30 dismissal. We also have a  Before-School Drop-Off Program an hour before the school day begins (6:30 Drop Off program). Both have a separate cost from tuition, must be scheduled in advance and are payable monthly. Both programs are held on the school campus. Students must be picked up by 6:00 pm. Students are supervised at all times. Students in the upper grades typically work on their homework assignments after a brief exercise period. Snack is provided as part of the fee.  We are now providing year-round care which includes most of the school vacation weeks, professional development days, and during the entire summer!

Bingo is a major fundraiser for our school and runs every Sunday evening throughout the year. This brings in funds to the school that keep our tuition rates lower than the actual cost per pupil. A $500 fee is paid in advance by every new family. Parents are required to work 12 Bingo hours (3 Bingos) during the school year and complete their 20 additional fundraising hours, which can be done in many ways, for a total of 32 hours for the year. Families who complete the 32 hour commitment yearly will not need to pay that $500 again, and the money will be refunded once their child leaves or graduates from the school. Any family who cannot complete the hours will be required to pay this fee annually.

All children from Preschool to Grade 8 wear a specific school uniform. There are different uniform requirements depending on the grade level. All Early Childhood Program students are required to wear a St. Catherine School monogrammed t-shirt and shorts in the warm weather and sweatshirt and sweatpants in the cooler weather, as well as sneakers