We do great things here at Saint Catherine’s.

We host a field day each spring

A reminder that all students must wear their gym uniform on their gym day. The uniform consists of a navy blue SCS t-shirt, navy blue SCS sweatpants and sneakers.  Navy Blue SCS Gym shorts may be worn until Oct. 1st.

My goal for all physical education classes is to have the students moving as much as possible throughout the class, while emphasizing good teamwork, sportsmanship, skill building and fitness in whatever game/sport or activity we are working on. Grades 1 – 8 will participate in traditional units such as Soccer, Basketball and Flag Football,. There will also be units on strategy games such as; Capture the Flag & Run for 20; Teambuilding activities such as Spider Web, Hot Chocolate and Human Ladder. There will also be active game days mixed in, which include dodgeball, sharks & sailors & Gator Ball.

Pre-School through kindergarten will work on  locomotor skills such as; skipping, galloping, hopping; Tag Games; Basic sports skills such as throwing, catching and kicking; Parachute Games and movement activities.

This month’s Unit is Soccer.


Let’s have a great year in Gym!

Miss Cole