Elementary Spanish with Señora Coscarella

Our elementary school students are exploring the Spanish language with Mrs. Coscarella.  Spanish is taught through creative learning at the preschool and elementary levels.  Lessons incorporate lots of songs, stories, games and crafts to instill an early love of language and captivate students of every learning style.  The keys to our success are Faith, Service and Knowledge.

Mrs. Coscarella can be contacted at kcoscarella@scsnorwood.com

Nos divertimos (We have fun):



Grade 4 students were meteorologists and explained the weather in each season with the books they had written!

IMG_5312 IMG_5311 IMG_5310 IMG_5309 IMG_5308 IMG_5307 IMG_5305 IMG_5262 IMG_5261 IMG_5260 IMG_5259 IMG_5258 IMG_5257 IMG_5256 IMG_5255 IMG_5254 IMG_5253 IMG_5252 IMG_5251

The Fifth graders enjoyed sharing their “Libros de Opuestos” with the classes.

IMG_5282 IMG_5281 IMG_5280 IMG_5278 IMG_5277 IMG_5276 IMG_5275 IMG_5274 IMG_5273 IMG_5251 IMG_5228 IMG_5227 IMG_5225 IMG_5224

Ms. Parsons class exploring kindness and the sea with The Rainbow Fish


Preschool is Diving into the Deep Blue Sea!

IMG_5204 IMG_5203 IMG_5202 IMG_5200 IMG_5198 IMG_5197 IMG_5196 IMG_5195 IMG_5194

Pre-K Picassos!

IMG_5216 IMG_5210 IMG_5209 IMG_5208 IMG_5205 IMG_5190 IMG_5188 IMG_5187 IMG_5185 IMG_5182 IMG_5181 IMG_5180 IMG_5179 IMG_5178 IMG_5177 IMG_5176 IMG_5175 IMG_5174 IMG_5217



(with help from Kindergarten!)

We are Proud to be Americans for Memorial Day in Preschool!

IMG_5078 IMG_5076 IMG_5075 IMG_5074 IMG_5073 IMG_5072 IMG_5071 IMG_5070 IMG_5069

Pre-K Artists Study – The murals of Diego Rivera and SCS Pre-K!

IMG_5133 IMG_5132 IMG_5131 IMG_5128 IMG_5127 IMG_5126 IMG_5123 IMG_5121 IMG_5113 IMG_5110 IMG_5108 IMG_5107 IMG_5105 IMG_5100 IMG_5098 IMG_5065 IMG_5066 IMG_5063 IMG_5062 IMG_5047 IMG_5041

Mrs. McLean and Mrs. Halabi’s classes using a mirror to draw self portraits – just like Frida Kahlo!

IMG_4957 IMG_4956 IMG_4955 IMG_4954 IMG_4953 IMG_4952 IMG_4951 IMG_4950 IMG_4949 IMG_4948 IMG_4977 IMG_4974 IMG_4971 IMG_4970 IMG_4967 IMG_4966 IMG_4965 IMG_4964 IMG_4963 IMG_4962 IMG_4960 IMG_4959 IMG_4958IMG_4947

Mrs. Costa’s class would never “chicken out” when it comes to learning about life cycles!

IMG_4938 IMG_4937 IMG_4936 IMG_4935 IMG_4934 IMG_4933 IMG_4932 IMG_4931 IMG_4930 IMG_4929 IMG_4928 IMG_4927 IMG_4926 IMG_4925

cinco de mayo – Mexican Hat Dance Fun!

IMG_4758 IMG_4756 IMG_4755 IMG_4751 IMG_4750 IMG_4749 IMG_4748 IMG_4745

IMG_4743 IMG_4742 IMG_4741 IMG_4740 IMG_4739 IMG_4738 IMG_4733 IMG_4732 IMG_4729 (1) IMG_4728 IMG_4726 IMG_4725 IMG_4723




(with some 3rd grade help!)

Fourth Grade vs Fifth Grade in the Our Father “Prayer Off” - Fasanello’s Friars were the victors!

IMG_4646 IMG_4719

April Showers bring May FLOWERS!

IMG_4592 IMG_4591 IMG_4590 IMG_4589 IMG_4588 IMG_4587 IMG_4586 IMG_4585 IMG_4584 IMG_4580 IMG_4579 IMG_4578 IMG_4577 IMG_4576

Rainforest refuges in Pre-K

IMG_4682 IMG_4681 IMG_4680 IMG_4679 IMG_4678 IMG_4677 IMG_4676 IMG_4675 IMG_4674 IMG_4673 IMG_4672

“Spacing out” in Preschool :)

IMG_4692 IMG_4691 IMG_4689 IMG_4688 IMG_4687 IMG_4685 IMG_4684 IMG_4683 (1) IMG_4671 (1) IMG_4670 (1) IMG_4669 (1) IMG_4668 (1) IMG_4667 (1) IMG_4666 (1) IMG_4665 (1) IMG_4664 IMG_4663 IMG_4662 IMG_4661 IMG_4659 IMG_4658 IMG_4656 IMG_4654


Easter Crowns with Mrs. Cobbucio’s Pre-K – “Jesus ha resusitado” – Jesus has risen

IMG_4458 IMG_4457 IMG_4456 IMG_4455 IMG_4454 IMG_4453 IMG_4452 IMG_4451 IMG_4450 IMG_4449 IMG_4448 IMG_4447



Preschool and Mrs. Halabi’s Pre -K showing Irish spirit in Spanish for St Paddy’s Day! 

IMG_4294 IMG_4292 IMG_4289 IMG_4322IMG_4320IMG_4318IMG_4316IMG_4315IMG_4314

IMG_4312 IMG_4309 IMG_4307 IMG_4302 IMG_4301 IMG_4300 IMG_4299 IMG_4297 IMG_4296 IMG_4295


Catholic Schools Week 

Aprenda; Esfórcese; Sé Líder; Triunfe – Learn; Strive; Lead; Succeed



Ms. Sullivan’s Class is getting emotional this month! 

IMG_4204 IMG_4203 IMG_4199 IMG_4198 IMG_4197 IMG_4196 IMG_4193 IMG_4192 IMG_4191 IMG_4190 IMG_4189 IMG_4188

Mrs. Cobuccio’s Class having “numerous” fun!!!

IMG_4187 IMG_4186 IMG_4185 IMG_4184 IMG_4183

Mrs. Dulong’s Class planting away

 IMG_4172 IMG_4171 IMG_4170 IMG_4169 IMG_4168 IMG_4167 IMG_4166 IMG_4165 IMG_4164 IMG_4163IMG_4162 (1)

Preschoolers making some special Valentines for some special people :)

IMG_4091 IMG_4090 IMG_4089 IMG_4088 IMG_4087 IMG_4085 IMG_4084 IMG_4083 IMG_4082 IMG_4081 IMG_4080 IMG_4078



Ms. Costello’s Class expressing how they are feeling through books :)

IMG_3937 IMG_3935 IMG_3934 IMG_3933 IMG_3928 IMG_3927 IMG_3925 IMG_3924 IMG_3923 IMG_3922

Mrs. Halabi’s Class having Head to Toe Fun!

IMG_3813 IMG_3812 IMG_3811 IMG_3810 IMG_3809 IMG_3808 IMG_3806 IMG_3804 IMG_3803 IMG_3800 IMG_3798 IMG_3796 IMG_3804 (1)

Preschool and Pre-K discovering what’s on my face,,,,,

IMG_3633 IMG_3625 IMG_3634 IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3639 IMG_3640 IMG_3641 IMG_3650 IMG_3654 IMG_3658 IMG_3659 IMG_3661 IMG_3663 IMG_3665 (1) IMG_3667 IMG_3668 IMG_3669 IMG_3673 IMG_3675 IMG_3678 IMG_3681 IMG_3682 IMG_3683 IMG_3684 IMG_3685 IMG_3688 IMG_3689 IMG_3694 IMG_3697 IMG_3698 IMG_3701 IMG_3702 IMG_3705 IMG_3707 IMG_3709 IMG_3711 IMG_3713 IMG_3715 IMG_3719 IMG_3721 IMG_3722 IMG_3724


Mrs. Matthew’s Class – adding up to 31

IMG_4006 IMG_4005 IMG_4004 IMG_4003 IMG_4002 IMG_3999 IMG_3998 IMG_3997



Poinsettias, Poinsettias, Poinsettias – decorating our Christmastime!

IMG_3444IMG_3442IMG_3441IMG_3440IMG_3445IMG_3439IMG_3438IMG_3437IMG_3435IMG_3397 IMG_3398 IMG_3401 IMG_3405


Mrs. Crowley’s Class Warming Up For Winter with Yoga

IMG_3270 IMG_3265 IMG_3263 IMG_3261 IMG_3259 IMG_3254 IMG_3252 IMG_3251 IMG_3245 IMG_3244 IMG_3240 IMG_3239 IMG_3237 IMG_3236 IMG_3234 IMG_3233



Grade 3 and the Family Tree!!!

IMG_3134 IMG_3133 IMG_3132 IMG_3131 IMG_3129 IMG_3128 IMG_3127 IMG_3126 IMG_3029 IMG_3026 IMG_3023 IMG_3022 IMG_3017 IMG_3015 IMG_3014 IMG_3013 IMG_3012 IMG_3011 IMG_3010 IMG_3009IMG_3024IMG_3124

The Hispanic Country Fair was a huge success!

IMG_3096 IMG_3095 IMG_3094 IMG_3093 (1) IMG_3091 IMG_3090 IMG_3089 IMG_3088 IMG_3087 IMG_3085 IMG_3084 IMG_3083 IMG_3081 IMG_3080 IMG_3079 IMG_3078 IMG_3077 IMG_3076 IMG_3097 IMG_3098 IMG_3100 IMG_3101 IMG_3102 IMG_3075 IMG_3074 IMG_3073 IMG_3072 IMG_2971 IMG_2969 IMG_2934 IMG_2931 IMG_2930 IMG_2929 IMG_2928 IMG_2927 IMG_2926 IMG_2925 IMG_2785 IMG_2784 IMG_2782 IMG_2781 IMG_2780 IMG_2779 IMG_2778 IMG_2737 IMG_2736 (1) IMG_2735 IMG_2734 IMG_2707 IMG_2706 IMG_2705 IMG_2704 IMG_2703 IMG_2622 IMG_2621 IMG_2620 IMG_2619 IMG_2618

Grade 2 singing “This Land is Your Land/Esta Tierra es Tu Tierra” at the annual Veteran’s Program.

IMG_3008 IMG_3007 IMG_3006




Mrs. Dulong’s Class discussing “Me on the Map”


IMG_2700 IMG_2699 IMG_2698 IMG_2697 IMG_2696 IMG_2695 IMG_2777 IMG_2775 IMG_2773 IMG_2772 IMG_2771


Mrs. Halabi’s Class making matches!!!

IMG_2733 IMG_2732 IMG_2731 (1) IMG_2730 IMG_2728 IMG_2727 IMG_2726 IMG_2721 IMG_2720

Mrs. Daley’s Class is helping our community!

IMG_2715 IMG_2713 IMG_2711


Ms. Connolly’s and Ms. King’s classes kicking back with some fall yoga


Pre-K Yoga Fun!

IMG_2615 IMG_2613 IMG_2612 IMG_2611 IMG_2609 IMG_2607 IMG_2602 IMG_2599 IMG_2594 IMG_2593 IMG_2592 IMG_2591 IMG_2590 IMG_2589IMG_2556 IMG_2554 IMG_2549 IMG_2547 IMG_2545IMG_1853 IMG_1852 IMG_1844 IMG_1843 IMG_1842 IMG_1840 IMG_1837

Mrs. O’Connor’s students reading their books to the class :)

IMG_2536 IMG_2535 IMG_2534 IMG_2533 IMG_2532 IMG_2531 IMG_2530 IMG_2529 IMG_2528 IMG_2527 IMG_2526 IMG_2525

Mrs. Cobuccio’s Class having some Farm Fun!

IMG_2521 IMG_2520 IMG_2518 IMG_2517 IMG_2516 IMG_2515 IMG_2514 (1) IMG_2513 IMG_2512 IMG_2511 IMG_2510 IMG_2509 IMG_2508 IMG_2507 IMG_2506

Ms. Costello’s Class discussing Famous Hispanic Americans

IMG_2489 IMG_2484 IMG_2483 IMG_2482 IMG_2481 IMG_2480 IMG_2479 IMG_2478 IMG_2477 IMG_2476 IMG_2475 IMG_2474 IMG_2473 IMG_2472 IMG_2471 IMG_2470 IMG_2469 IMG_2468 IMG_2467 IMG_2466 IMG_2465



Ms. Sullivan’s Class is using their manners!

IMG_2463 (1) IMG_2460

Mrs. Matthew’s Class celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by learning the Mexican Folk Art of Amate Painting.



Good Times with Good Friends!

Mrs. Moore’s ClassIMG_2364


Mrs. Crowley’s ClassIMG_2359

Kindergarten Friends IMG_2361 IMG_2329



Open House Displays 

GRADE 1      IMG_2302  IMG_2311

GRADE 2      IMG_2303   IMG_2310

GRADE 3     IMG_2304   IMG_2309

GRADE 4    IMG_2305   IMG_2308

GRADE 5     IMG_2306   IMG_2312


Mrs. McLean’s and Mrs. Cobuccio’s classes learning about making decisiones buenas – good choices.

IMG_2298 IMG_2296 IMG_2295 IMG_2294 IMG_2293

Birthday fun with Mrs. Cobuccio’s Class!

IMG_2299 (1) IMG_2297


Mrs. Matthew’s Class is working hard at making good decisions!

IMG_2220 IMG_2219 IMG_2218 IMG_2217 IMG_2216 IMG_2215 IMG_2214


Bienvenidos a Español