Academics at Saint Catherine of Siena School

Saint Catherine of Siena School provides a framework for academic and life skills appropriate for each student’s particular stage of learning.  Emphasis is placed on the development of skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to participate in a global society.  Our curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts State Frameworks and differentiated instruction is a strategy used to meet the needs of every student.

For detailed information about curriculum, please view the Brochures in the Admissions section of our website or click on the Pre-School, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Gr. 1-5 or Middle School tabs on the right for specific curriculum by grade.

Please listen to Anya Szczepanowski, a Grade 8 student at St. Catherine of Siena School, who recently explained how the school has impacted her life and as a student.

St. Catherine of Siena School has a special place in my heart. I am an eighth grader and I have been here for nine years. St. Catherine’s is a special part of my life and graduating this year will be difficult because it is like my second home. I have learned so much from St Catherine’s and I will carry many lessons with me throughout my life. What does St. Catherine of Siena School mean to me?  It is a loving community with challenging academics and being able to practice my faith.

The community at St. Catherine’s is comforting and welcoming.  The teachers and faculty try hard to make our school the best it can be. Mrs. Russo, Mrs. Haymes, Monsignor Garrity, Monsignor Ryan, Father Jean-Pierre and all of the teachers help us grow as better Catholics each day.  Many teachers stay after school and take time out of their day to help students. At St. Catherine’s I have many friends and I hope to stay in touch with them as I go on to high school. The community is caring and loving as well. This year a Norwood Firefighter had passed away. During the funeral, the junior high and a couple of teachers stood outside and held up American flags to pay tribute to the family and friends. Our community at St. Catherine of Siena is one of the many reasons I love St. Catherine’s.

Academics at St. Catherine’s are challenging but that helps us to learn. I challenge myself each day and try to do my best. By doing so, I was able to get into the high school of my choice. I am also able to leam about my faith. Students in public schools are not able to leam about religion. St. Catherine’s gives me the privilege to become fully educated in my faith. The material may be hard at times but it only makes us better students and helps us to work harder in our studies.

Faith plays a major role at St. Catherine of Siena School. Our motto “See Christ in Others, Be Christ for Others” is a phrase said at the beginning of each day. Our motto means to be kind to others, not talk about someone else and include everybody in everything you do. We say our motto every day so we can reflect on our actions throughout the day. St. Catherine’s has a monthly mass. Each month the entire school gathers as a Christian community and we attend church. In religion classes every Thursday, students attend Eucharistic Adoration. During Adoration, we have quiet time to ourselves to sit and pray with God. Prayer helps us to grow closer with God and to make peace with ourselves.

St. Catherine of Siena School has made me into the best person that I can be. I cannot picture myself at any other school. I have spent most of my life here and it is a part of me that I will not forget. The community, faith, and faculty are just a part of what makes St. Catherine of Siena School such an amazing place.I will miss St. Catherine’s and I will never forget the memories made here. Thank you for your time, and remember to always to “See Christ in Others”, and to “Be Christ for Others”. God Bless.