Five Year Strategic Plan
For School Years 2014 – 2018

The SCS Strategic Plan is intended to document our vision for the school in the areas of Mission and Catholic
Identity, Academic Excellence, Student Life, Enrollment and Communications, Advancement and Development,
Finance, and Facilities. It is a document that guides our school and will be adjusted based on changing conditions and opportunities. It includes the goals and strategies needed to attain our vision for the school. It also includes logical and measurable milestones, with clear timetables, so that its progress can be measured. The school’s vision is aligned with the financial realities, problems, and concerns that surfaced through an extensive self-study with finances, problems and concerns. It is consistent with the school’s mission and depicts how we envision the school to be structured and operate by the end of the planning period. We invite all stakeholders to buy-in and to participate in its realization. The SCS Strategic Improvement Plan serves as a guide for our school during which all decisions are to be judged by their contribution to the school’s attainment of the vision. Activities that do not make a significant contribution are either discarded or delayed in favor of those that bring value.