About Saint Catherine of Siena School

Welcome to Saint Catherine of Siena School!  Founded in 1926 by Father James Doherty and staffed by the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, we have educated boys and girls for more than 90 years, academically,  athletically, artistically, and most importantly spiritually.  Our graduates have left us knowing who they are and the role God plays in their lives.

We are a school that respects the dignity of each child in our care.  Recognizing that they are all made in the image and likeness of God and have been given talents and gifts to share, demands that we respect the individual learning needs of our students.  Through our commitment to Differentiated Instruction, our Gifted and Talented Program, and our Learning Center, we assist each child in reaching their God-given potential.

Our curriculum reflects the standards set in the MA Frameworks.  We have a rigorous course of study at Saint Catherine of Siena School, which prepares our graduates to enter public, private or Catholic high schools.  Our graduates receive merit scholarships, and excel in their new environments.  We pride ourselves in forming leaders who understand the responsibilities of servant-leadership with Jesus Christ as their model.  Above all, we are committed to assisting parents as they educate their children in the Faith.  Each day as we meet for morning prayer, I remind the children of our motto, “See Christ in Others.” and “Be Christ for Others.”

Whether you are already familiar with Saint Catherine of Siena School or new to our community.  I invite you to explore our website and learn more about us.  As Jesus told the disciples, “Come and see!”